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Come and See a variety of talented artists exhibiting their work in a garden setting.
May Day Art Faire
May 3rd and 4th, 2014
10 am – 5 pm
421 Gharkey St. Santa Cruz (westside)
for more info: 831-425-1602

Check out News and Events to see what’s up! All of my designs are custom, one of a kind, unique and accessible. The story doesn’t stop there. There is always something new happening at Luckydog Arts and Design’s Santa Cruz studio… from crafting Fused Glass Art to designing websites, my creations are elegant, simple and functional. You can depend on that. Read my Artist Statement below and get the story!

Artist Statement

I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics in 1985 and a Certificate of Proficiency in Digital Media and Graphic Design in 2000. Formally trained as a ceramic artist, I went on to produce graphic and web designs, and only discovered glass later in my career. I have been working with kiln-fused glass since 2009. My panels are the product of both intention and inspiration. This series of landscapes reflects my love of nature, and features mountains, water, and the heavenly bodies. They are made using both scrap and intentionally cut glass, and are kiln fired multiple times to fuse the glass and create depth, as well as an achieve an overall painterly quality. My functional pieces, which are whimsical and have a more formal design, paradoxically provide the raw materials for the landscape panels. I strive for a playful juxtaposition of shapes using transparent and opaque glass. The luminescence, colors and infinite possibilities of glass continue to inspire me.

Call for more information: 831-325-5886 or email:

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